All studies have been approved by the Palo Alto University Institutional Review Board. Any reports or publications based on this research will use only group data and will not identify any individual as being part of this project.




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BetterBET (Better Behaviors, Emotions, and Thoughts) is an automated, interactive internet intervention ( to help individuals manage and overcome their symptoms of depression. BetterBET is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is one of the most effective psychotherapies for improving mood. In each of BetterBET’s eight lessons, you will learn several specific, practical ways to improve your mood.

Using technology to help low-income and Latino smokers quit

The objective of this research project was to develop a smoking cessation web application using information gathered from low-income English and Spanish-speaking Bay Area residents in the San Francisco Health Network and people around the world. This presents a unique opportunity for smokers who lack access to conventional smoking cessation resources to help themselves quit smoking using technology. This three-year project is funded by a grant from the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program.


Emotional Well-Being Study of Indian IT Population

We were conducting a study of emotional well-being of individuals working in the IT industry in India. Our goal is to understand the prevalence of depression, anxiety, stress, and interpersonal difficulties in this population, and the coping strategies they currently use. This study is meant to be a needs assessment survey, to understand whether this population would benefit from internet interventions to help cope with emotional difficulties.


Treatment Decisions Study – Spanish

The purpose of this study is to examine treatment-seeking for depression among Spanish-speaking Latinos. Specifically, we wish to understand the effects of social, clinical, and demographic factors on the decision to seek or to defer treatment among Spanish-speaking Latinos living in Latin America, as well as individuals' views and beliefs about specific treatments.


Perinatal Wellness Survey

Data collection is now complete. The goal of the study is to identify cultural, emotional, and family themes relevant to women who are pregnant and/or who have recently given birth. Information from this study will inform the design of online interventions for women from all around the world.


Stop Smoking Guide

This free, evidence-based Quit Smoking intervention supports your decision to quit and takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

To get your Personalized Quit Smoking Plan:

  1. Complete all 4 modules and answer all questions.
  2. A check mark will appear next to a module when completed.
  3. Access your free Personalized Quit Smoking Plan after completing all 4 modules.

Micro Mood Study 2

This study investigated the effect of a brief unsupported Internet intervention (BUII) designed to improve mood. A total of 671 participants were recruited. Participants were randomly assigned to an Activities condition which lasted 5 minutes or to a waitlist control. Participants who endorsed mild to moderate depression experienced an immediate improvement in confidence and motivation, and a boost in self-reported mood at one week. There was no change observed in depression, anxiety, motivation, or confidence at one week follow-up. Overall, this study provides partial support for the utilization of BUII and highlights the need to develop more powerful BUIIs.


Unusual Experiences

Data collection is now complete. Have you had any unusual experiences that are difficult to explain? Like hearing strange noises or seeing shadows that others cannot hear or see? Or that your thoughts were taken away or were not your own? If so, you may be interested in a research study for people with similar experiences. This one-time, anonymous study is looking for people with similar experiences as your own.