Presentation in Spanish at Escuela de Posgrado, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP). Title: El Uso de Internet para Brindar Servicios Psicologicos a Nuestras Comunidades. June 2022    
Keynote address in Spanish at the University of Zaragoza and Spanish Society Marcé (Sociedad Marcé Española) to present about "Mamás y Bebés: En rumbo hacia un mundo sin depresión (Mothers and Babies: Towards a world without depression)." October 2021   Host Mark Oppenheim leads a discussion on preventing and treating depression with guests: Michael Pollock, CEO of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance and Ricardo Muñoz, Distinguished Professor of Clinical Psychology at Palo Alto University and Founder of i4Health. March 2021
Keynote at the Latin-American Federation of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapies ( ALAPCCO), March 2021   Presentation in Spanish at Colegio de Psicólogos del Perú CDN. Conferencia: Prevención y Tratamiento de la Depresión: Combinando Psicología y Tecnología Digital, December 2020
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Discussion by Dr. Ricardo F. Muñoz about Digital Apothecaries for Mental Health part of Upstream University video series about mental health.
October 2020
  Keynote at The International Marcé Society, October 2020
The International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health (see:​) is an international, interdisciplinary organization dedicated to supporting research and assistance surrounding prenatal and postpartum mental health for mothers, fathers and their babies. The overall mission of the International Marcé Society is to sustain an international perinatal mental health community to promote research and high quality clinical care around the world.
How To Prevent Depression During COVID-19 with Dr. Ricardo F. Muñoz, October 2020  

Presentation at Palo Alto University in Spanish with Dr. Ricardo Muñoz
Ánimo para lidiar con COVID-19: Consejos útiles para permanecer emocionalmente saludable, May 2020

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