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The purpose of this book, written by Dr. Lucy Yardley in 1994, is to analyze and explain some of the contributing factors of vertigo and offer possible avenues for recovery. Through her research, Dr. Yardley was able to identify psychosocial, environmental and behavioral components of vertigo that offered a more complex appraisal of the condition than strictly perceptual-motor explanations.

This book was translated into Spanish thanks to the sponsorship of Dr. David Jáuregui Camasca, Asesor Académico at the Universidad Ricardo Palma in Peru.

Información acerca de la traducción de Vertigo and Dizziness:
Equipo de edición.
Editor: Dr. David Jáuregui Camasca. Facultad de Psicología-URP
Profesoras: Mag. Violeta Hoyle del Rio y Lic. Silvia Rubio Leigh. Facultad de Humanidades y Lenguas Modernas-URP
Estudiantes: Jonathan Palermo Soto Paredes, Carlos Eugenio Asencios Benites, María Alejandra Egúsquiza Basterrechea, Rocío del Pilar Gutiérrez Rodríguez y Ann Kimberley Giraldo Marroquín

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