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The goal of this manual is to provide high-risk women with an intervention aimed at preventing the onset of major depressive episodes during the pre and postpartum period. The primary aim of this course is to teach and enhance mood-management skills and maternal self-efficacy in mothers-to-be. The intervention includes a 12-week course during pregnancy and four "booster sessions" that take place during the first postpartum year, aimed at addressing the needs and issues most salient during the early postpartum period.

This intervention was developed in both Spanish and English, and translated to Greek. Participant manuals are available in all three languages. The Instructor's manual is only available in English at this time.

The Greek Participant manual was translated by SOPHROSYNA Perinatal Psychology. Adaptation by Degillio, Segovia, Leis, Tandon, Mendelson, Jensen, and Diebold.

For six- and eight-week versions of the Mothers and Babies manuals, please see Dr. Huynh-Nhu Mimi Le's George Washington University website here.